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    stranger to all.These men won no prais●e for their benefactions.They expected non▓e, and would have opened their ey▓es in wonder if they had been told that● their actions were worthy of pra●ise.The stranded band grew to be 98a● corporate body.By a

    job here and there I ▓contr

  • Nullamlacus dui ipsum conseque loborttis

    ibuted my share to the commo▓n fund, and between us we fought off gau▓nt starvation.In a dirty alley just off● the Place was an inn kept by a Greek▓, in which one could sleep on the floor at thr▓ee sous, or in a cot at six; and every ev●ening a ban

    d of ragged mortals might ha

  • Nullamlacus dui ipsum conseque loborttis

    ve● been seen dividing the earn●ings of some of them into three-sou▓ lots as they made their way towards l’Auberge ●chez le Grec. One spot in all Marseille▓s was the sole oasis in this deser●t of dreariness and desolation, th▓e Sailors’ Home.

    Here, as winter drov●e us a

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